Planned gifts

Planned gifts may include the following options

Gifts from your Will or Estate

Here is a sample of bequest language.  

Life Insurance Gifts

IRA Gifts

Find out how to support the CCO through an IRA charitable gift via your Required Minimum Distribution (RMD).

Charitable Trusts and More

Gifts of Property

Each type of planned gift offers specific tax and other benefits to the donor.  To learn more, please contact Ryan Heimann at 412.363.3303 for a confidential discussion. 

 When you make a planned gift, please include the following information in your documentation:

Legacy Fellowship

Donors who have made a planned gift or have notified the Development Office of future gift plans are members of the CCO’s Legacy Fellowship.  An annual luncheon is held to thank these donors and to inform them of the latest happenings at the CCO and higher education.

If you would like to join the Legacy Fellowship, please contact Ryan Heimann at 412.363.3303.