June 21, 2021

Dear CCO Staff,

As we mark the CCO’s 50th anniversary—our year of Jubilee—a theme has emerged that reaches all the way back to our founding days. In 1971, we were chartered as “The Coalition for Christian Outreach,” but the earliest staff simply said they worked for "The Coalition." 

As we revisit this concept in 2021, it begs a few questions.

If we are a Coalition—a group of individuals allied for a common purpose—how can we pursue our mission on campus as a Coalition? Or, to put it biblically, as the Body of Christ? How can we support one another in times of weakness or seasons of transition? How can we give honor to those who have need? How can we pursue growth only as shared success? 

If we are truly one Body, how can we seek obedience to our Head? 

For this purpose and to these ends, we have an announcement! 

Today, the CCO is chartering a new fund that will help us better live into the reality that we are a Coalition—the Body of Christ, called to mission on campus together.

Today, June 21, 2021, we are thrilled to introduce The Staff Success Fund.

The Staff Success Fund exists to provide financial support where it's needed most. It is an application-based process with the goal thatevery staff person will have what they need to follow Jesus Christ, pursue wisdom, take risks, and develop others to advance the mission in whatever place they are called to serve. 

Here are some helpful links that provide more detailed information:

We invite you to join us in gratitude and prayer for this new venture. We pursue faithfulness together. Please feel free to reach out with any feedback or questions.

On behalf of the CCO Advancement Team,

Beth Walker, Director of Support Raising Ministry
Jayson Samuels, Senior Director of Philanthropy
Tyler Marwood, Director of Marketing

July 22, 2021

Staff Success Fund Update
Have you heard the ancient proverb "many hands make light work"? The CCO's Staff Success Fund is designed to help bridge a particular financial gap — so that every CCO staff person can live fully into God's call on their lives to campus ministry.

This fund is being birthed in the CCO's 50th anniversary year in order to help us live more fully into the Jubilee Vision - to lighten the load for each other when we can and where most needed (Galatians 6:2, Acts 2:42-45, Leviticus 25). THANK YOU for helping us seed this fund to grow our capacity for Gospel ministry on campus!

Watch the video for our exciting announcement! Links to application and information below: