“The most impactful thing that I learned through the Jubilee Academy is that God has designed all of us for work.  Work is a gift God has given us, not only to worship Him with, but also so that we could cultivate His earth.  After the fall of man and creation into sin, God started the process of restoration.  He desires for all of creation to be restored to its former glory, and through the work of Christ on the cross that will one day be a reality.  We however, as His creation, can have a part now in that restorative work.  God has given us all unique gifts and passions, and through the vocation that we choose, we can live out our faith, and begin to restore that vocation to what God had originally intended it for.”
—John Wilhelm graduated from Robert Morris University in 2016 with a degree in organizational leadership. He is now CCO campus ministry staff at Clarion University of PA.



“Through the Jubilee Academy, I have learned a lot. The most significant thing I took away from this year was about God's providence over my time as a student. College was not meant to be a time of waiting for our “real” life to begin. Right now, God made me to learn. This is my work. This understanding allowed me to change the way I thought about school and to stop wondering how the things I'm learning are relevant to my life and vocation. Right now, I am active participant in God's call for me by finding joy in Him through my work as a student.”
—Katie McNeilly graduated from University of Pittsburgh in 2017 with a degree in communication science with a concentration in audiology.




“I think that it is a great program to help think through how to serve the Lord through schoolwork and future careers. I've learned a lot about vocation and have enjoyed my experience with the academy. I think that it is a place to learn more in depth, to appreciate your vocation and realize that you are cultivating a part of God's creation. He created us all with unique gifts, passions, talents, and skills, and we are to utilize these to bring glory to Him.”
—Nicole Russo graduated from University of Pittsburgh in 2016 with a degree in marketing. 





“What really benefitted me from the Jubilee Academy was sitting down and figuring out the Gospel narrative in my discipline—Creation Fall Redemption Restoration—in order to follow God’s story for my discipline and not the world’s. In that sense, I feel like I have a new and accessible way of bringing the Gospel to my field and fellow engineers. I also feel like I am better prepared to dismiss the lies and false stories of the world with the Truth, rather than being tossed and thrown by everything the world throws at us. I have a more solid connection between Sunday and the rest of the week, between what I learn and my faith, and how I live that out in my everyday life. I think learning how to make that connection is crucial, especially considering how, if we don’t have that, the world will work to fill us with lies. Jubilee Academy has given me a better sense of how to practically live out my faith in my work and post-college life.”
—Jeffrey Schallick graduated from University of Pittsburgh in 2016 with a degree in Chemical Engineering. Read more of Jeffrey's story here and here.

“The most significant thing I have learned through the Jubilee Academy is that my calling as a Christian is to serve God wherever I am in whatever I am doing. I had this conception of calling as a specialized mission God gave you about your work and life, but knowing that God will use you wherever you are, and his call is to simply seek him and glorify him, helped ease some of the tension I was feeling about not having a specific ‘call.’ I believe this notion of calling is very significant because it makes us point everything towards God. The emphasis moves away from your work and your life and directs it to glorify God.”
—Heather Day graduated from University of Pittsburgh in 2017 with a degree in Health and Rehabilitation Science.




“You will learn things at the Jubilee Academy about your occupation that your professors will NEVER be able to teach. When I create policies, procedures, order a stop sign, or even tell an employee to wear his safety glasses, I am taking part in caring for God’s creation by slowly eliminating the chaos that is inside of the hectic factory. When I look at the world like this, I fall deeper in love with God by seeing his deep love for creation. ” —Tyler Campbell graduated from Indiana University of Pennsylvania in 2017 with a degree in Safety Health and Environmental Sciences. Read more of Tyler's story here and here