Jubilee Academy is a catalytic opportunity for mature and motivated students to explore what it means to be a Christian university student as well as seek God’s kingdom in their academics and vocational pursuits. As part of a monthly cohort or campus-based small group, students are invited to live every area of their lives for Christ through mentoring, instruction, and experiential learning.

What students say:

“You will learn things about your occupation that your professors will NEVER be able to teach.” —Tyler Campbell, Indiana University of Pennsylvania

Instead of going into my first job with an abstract idea of serving God, I feel like I now have a concrete idea of how to glorify God through my work thanks to the Jubilee Academy.” —Jeff Shallick, University of Pittsburgh

The Jubilee Academy gives us time to take a closer look at why we are students. It helps put college and the idea of work in their proper place within the context of God's plan in our lives.” —Katie McNeilly, University of Pittsburgh

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The CCOs Jubilee Academies meet in a number of our geographic regions. If you would like to connect to one or find out more, contact Jubilee Academy Coordinator, Mike Mattes.