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What God Wants

I packed all of my essential belongings, sighed deeply, and shut the car door. Yesterday I was saying goodbye for the summer. But today was different. Today I was asking,&n...


Slamming my dorm room door behind me after spending hours in back-to-back classes, I tossed my backpack aside and retreated to the comfort of my bed, temporarily avoiding t...

Boot Camp Strong

“AY AY GUNNERY SERGEANT!” Fifty-five Marine officer candidates barked in unison as they stood in two perfectly straight lines on either side of the aisle runni...

Looking for Courage

It’s easy in the process of transitioning into adulthood, or any transitioning season of your life for that matter, to look around to others as an example. Every tr...

When Feelings Disappear

The worship music pumped around me. My friends on either side of me sang loudly. The woman behind me cried, and a few people in the front row fell to their knees, overwhelm...

Why I Decided to Go with the Christians

Most people say they grew weaker in their faith once they got to college, but I grew stronger—after I traveled 1,600 miles with 25 strangers.   I transferred to...

The Powerful Presence

I consider my life to be a novel with God, in which I get to write another page every day, filled with chapters from every season of life. It’s an honest reflectio...

The Surprise Answer to My Prayer

After being homeschooled for my entire life, I began my studies at Penn State Abington in the spring of 2015, and it wasn’t pretty. Every morning when I woke up, ...

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