June 18, 2018

Week one is in the books! 

Let’s celebrate!  All 23 students have found jobs and are already making a difference on the boardwalk in Ocean City!

Emily arrived home from her third day of work at a local café. Her eyes were bright as she told her friends on her cook team about her day at work. Her boss, a busy woman who runs a few businesses on the boardwalk, approached Emily upon her arrival. She came to Emily and told her, “I need you to pray for me.” So Emily did. She prayed for her boss and asked God to be with her during whatever struggle she was experiencing. Afterwards, the two went about their day. 

As Emily told this story, she said she never expected this and was excited to have the opportunity to pray with her boss whom she’d only known for a few days. Let’s celebrate Emily’s faithfulness together and continue praying for God to work through the lives of students in their workplaces this summer!

Off to the beach!


In their first week of class, students engage with the topic of worldview.


All smiles (almost) for a game of Dutch Blitz.

June 11, 2018

OCBP 2018 has begun! 

The cool breeze of the crisp ocean air welcomed students to the Ocean City Tabernacle this past Wednesday, June 6.  The anxiety quickly faded from students faces as we dug into burgers, hotdogs, and juicy watermelon at our summer kickoff barbecue. We ended the evening with a time of worship on the beach, honoring the God who lead these students to the beach this summer. It was a beautiful beginning to what is sure to be a life-changing summer. 

 Please pray as students continue to build relationship with one another. Pray for their growth as leaders, and above all, pray for students to grow closer to Christ.  

We thank you for your support and look forward to updating you more throughout the summer. 

OCBP staff and interns, John, Natalie, Mo, Ande, and Randy, get ready to welcome students to OCBP 2018.

Randy and Natalie flip burgers for the barbecue.

Students gather in front of their house covenant, inspired by John 15:5.  They committed to love and walk alongside one another in their spiritual formation this summer. 



June 6, 2018

Watch this space for regular updates from students and staff who are participating in the 2018 Ocean City Beach Project!