August 3, 2018

Well, that’s a wrap. OCBP has officially ended, but this is just the beginning. Even though our time here is ending, our time back on campus is just beginning!

This week we have been saying goodbye well to everyone by having one-on-ones, our last triads, or by writing a letter in everyone’s journal.

We are sad to be leaving the people here, but we knew from the beginning that we were here to leave. We came here to go back to campus with all the knowledge we have gained and bring people into the light to transform the world. We know we have a lot of transitions coming, but this is what we want to remember when it gets tough: my God can, my God will, and even if He can’t, He is still my God. Also, the God who was here in Ocean City with us is the same God who is always with us.

Thank you to everyone who supported us and believed in us! 

On our last Sunday here, some of the students made a medley of songs that the house loved and performed it in church.

Before Byron set up his store…

...and after Byron setup his store. We were all thrilled that Byron was here this week to talk to us and to help us find books. Thank you Byron for coming to OCBP!

On Sunday we took a family picture in front of the church to commemorate our last Sunday at First Presbyterian Church.  

July 30, 2018

This week, Jamie Donne led class on the topic of spiritual formation and the local church. Learning about spiritual disciplines was intriguing because there is an abundance of them and each one is important in its unique way.

In class on Tuesday, Jamie read the statistic, “90% of people’s thoughts are negative.” This is overwhelming and sad. Even though this is true of society, we need to make a change. We are given the opportunity to renew our minds through meditation that reminds us of where our identity lies. Our identity is in God, for we are called children of God.

 We strive to live a life that reflects Jesus’ life through everything we do. By meditating daily we change the way we think by rewiring our brains, thus allowing us to think more positively and change the statistic.  

During class on Thursday, Jamie Donne taught about various spiritual disciplines including: prayer, rest, sabbath, play, fasting, feasting, and sleep. 

As the last week approaches, students are trying to soak up the time that is remaining by having one-on-ones, relaxing on the beach, and visiting their favorite places (especially Hobby Horse).

The staff came back from training on Friday, June 20, and John and Randy had a great surprise waiting for them. John’s cook team pranked them by gift wrapping their beds and all the clothes in their closet which were then placed in the other person’s closet, filling roughly 1,500 cups with water right inside the doorway so that they had to walk through them to get into the room, and adding broccoli decor. John and Randy were so excited about it, and loved unwrapping all their gifts just like on Christmas morning. 

July 23, 2018

Last week, the beloved staff left the house in the hands of an appointed student leadership team to give students the opportunity to take ownership and responsibility over the project. Bible studies, triads, life groups, worship, family dinners, and class all ran according to schedule and were such a blessing! In class, Derek Melleby spoke on academic faithfulness and opened our eyes as to how to approach being a student with a Gospel-focused intentionality and what it looks like to reflect the kingdom of God through vocation.

Had to get a selfie in with Derek after his amazing class!

Adam, AbbyGrace, Trinity, Jamie, Essence, and Valerie led the worship set before Sunday School this week.

Christin and Sarah led Bible study prep for the first time on Friday!




July 10, 2018

Happy Fourth from OCBP! 

This week, we had the privilege of hearing from Michael Chen and Michael Thornhill as they led us through the Biblical truth about Kingdom diversity.  We discussed what it means to show hospitality in the same way Christ did for those around him.

Students were left asking themselves how they can go out and show radical hospitality to their neighbor on their campuses.  Students began putting this into practice the very same week as we welcomed the students and staff from Encounter Philly for a Fourth of July celebration. From beachin’, to basketball, to a beautiful worship set on the sand, we rejoiced and celebrated the life we have in Christ with one another.  What a blessing it was to spend the day with our brothers and sisters in Christ. 

Enjoy a few photos from our celebration last week! 

Gettin’ goofy with Encounter Philly!

Fam photo :) 

“Can we get a redhead picture?”

 Friends forever! 

 Jumpin’ for joy!

Singin’ praise!

A beautiful ending to a beautiful day. 

June 29, 2018

Emma Erato is a fashion design major at Thomas Jefferson University in Philadelphia.  Since her arrival at the Beach Project, she’s been interviewing her housemates for her own blog.  We thought we’d share one of her posts this week as a way to introduce you to one of the many fabulous student leaders here this summer!  

Welcome to the Loft: Meet Molli

Name: Molli
School Attending: Slippery Rock University
Major: Social Work
Where are you from? Scranton, PA
One fun fact about you: She loves Crocs (you will constantly be wearing them)
What is your favorite color?  Blue.
What are you passionate about?  She is passionate about injustices. She also wants to work with kids, so she is passionate about kids and the family unit. She really values family dinners.
Why did you choose to do OCBP?  God told her to. She was also really looking for an intentional community where she could learn and grow together, while learning how to solve problems. 
Who was the first person you bonded with here at OCBP?  Katie
What is your favorite moment at OCBP so far?  Casey's birthday when we were all waiting for him to come in.
Where is your favorite place in Ocean City?  The beach
What job do you have down here?  Sunrise Cafe
What is your favorite job moment so far?  The egg chef guy said that he will miss her in September.  
Anything else?  She is really happy to be here. She is also really excited to see us after we leave (one day because we plan on being an intentional community after we leave). 

To meet more of the wonderful OCBP 2018 students, visit Emma’s blog. Thanks!  

Blogger Emma Erato poses for high school graduation photos. When asked what picture to use, she said, "This one's good, it was taken three years ago, but I havn't changed a bit!"  

We had the pleasure of hearing from Geraud Brumfield this week. Thanks, Geraud, for inspiring us to go out and share the Gospel!



Happy birthday, John Wilhelm!

June 25, 2018

A Week with Pete! 
Students were blessed by the wisdom, wit, and energy of Pete Ware this week.  Teaching on the topic of “Gospel Identity,”  Pete challenged us to grow in the Gospel by taking a closer look at both God’s holiness and our own sin.  Students wrestled with these words of Jack Miller, “Cheer up, you’re far worse than you think you are;  Cheer up, you’re far more loved than you ever dared hope.”  

Of course, a week with Pete would not be complete without a few rounds of knockout on the basketball court and a few rounds of ice cream at Hobby Horse.  A big shoutout to Essence Suggs for her skills on the court and a big thank you to Pete for the ever-important reminder of Jesus unconditional love for us.  Please pray as students’ view of the Gospel continues to expand and the love of Christ becomes even more evident in their lives.

Randy's first ever bite of Manco Manco Pizza! 

During class, Adam and Makayla help Pete demonstrate the concept of "Grace"

 Some fun in the Ocean City Row Boat!

Connor and John aka beach patrol 

Lydia and Sierra spend some down time puzzling on their day off.

June 18, 2018

Week one is in the books! 

Let’s celebrate!  All 23 students have found jobs and are already making a difference on the boardwalk in Ocean City!

Emily arrived home from her third day of work at a local café. Her eyes were bright as she told her friends on her cook team about her day at work. Her boss, a busy woman who runs a few businesses on the boardwalk, approached Emily upon her arrival. She came to Emily and told her, “I need you to pray for me.” So Emily did. She prayed for her boss and asked God to be with her during whatever struggle she was experiencing. Afterwards, the two went about their day. 

As Emily told this story, she said she never expected this and was excited to have the opportunity to pray with her boss whom she’d only known for a few days. Let’s celebrate Emily’s faithfulness together and continue praying for God to work through the lives of students in their workplaces this summer!

Off to the beach!


In their first week of class, students engage with the topic of worldview.


All smiles (almost) for a game of Dutch Blitz.

June 11, 2018

OCBP 2018 has begun! 

The cool breeze of the crisp ocean air welcomed students to the Ocean City Tabernacle this past Wednesday, June 6.  The anxiety quickly faded from students faces as we dug into burgers, hotdogs, and juicy watermelon at our summer kickoff barbecue. We ended the evening with a time of worship on the beach, honoring the God who lead these students to the beach this summer. It was a beautiful beginning to what is sure to be a life-changing summer. 

 Please pray as students continue to build relationship with one another. Pray for their growth as leaders, and above all, pray for students to grow closer to Christ.  

We thank you for your support and look forward to updating you more throughout the summer. 

OCBP staff and interns, John, Natalie, Mo, Ande, and Randy, get ready to welcome students to OCBP 2018.

Randy and Natalie flip burgers for the barbecue.

Students gather in front of their house covenant, inspired by John 15:5.  They committed to love and walk alongside one another in their spiritual formation this summer. 



June 6, 2018

Watch this space for regular updates from students and staff who are participating in the 2018 Ocean City Beach Project!