2020 has been a year of disruption, awareness, isolation, change, and division. We find ourselves longing for real community. We need a removal of the masks to see and be seen by others, to pursue unity in diversity, and to learn how to lead, follow, and come alongside each other in true fellowship.

LDW can be that space. Join us for six weeks away from the distractions of everyday life; six weeks in an immersive, intensive community experience with a group of your peers.  Experience space to be with the Lord, listen to Him, and grow in your understanding and relationship. Experience a time and space away that allows you to share and bear the burdens of others. See and be seen, all in the context of the beautiful and demanding wilderness of Wyoming. 

No outdoor experience is required to participate on LDW. Come as you are. :)



 Participant Information

For 25 years, LDW has been about being challenged to grow in your intimacy with God, embracing your identity as an image-bearer of the Creator and a leader in His Kingdom, and growing in servanthood, knowing, community, Christ-likeness, and spiritual disciplines. It is our deep hope that our pursuit of this occurs in a community that reflects the diversity of God’s kingdom.   More than ever, we need this space.

Backpack through Wyoming's Wind River mountain range.
Lead others and be led within community.
Explore the beauty of God's creation.
Grow in the disciplines of prayer, Scripture study, fasting, and solitude.
Reflect daily on decision-making, leadership, and communication.
Live in intentional community with your fellow students and leaders.

It was hard and exhausting to have the needs of other people on my heart and mind daily, but it helped me to look past myself and see the beloved in others. I felt some of the deepest empathy and sympathy I have ever felt. I spoke truth and words that were not my own but straight from the Holy spirit in me. My beloved identity came alive in the good challenge of living in community.

 Genevieve, LDW 2018 participant

Destination: Wind River Range, Shoshone National Forest, Wyoming
Activities: discipleship, leadership development, backpacking, mountaineering, rock climbing
Dates: 6 weeks, June 5 - July 17, 2021
Cost: $3,200 plus travel costs (fundraising materials and guidance provided)

CCO offered its first LDW course in 1995 in the Wind River Mountains of Wyoming. Since that time, LDW has been offered in Wyoming and the Georgian Bay of Canada, and has remained a fixture at the center of CCO XD's program offerings.


Students participating on LDW may be eligible to receive a WEA Outdoor Leader Certificate.

The CCO is accredited by the Wilderness Education Assocation through the Commission for Outdoor Education and Leadership.

Contact Information

Steph Wessel