Experience India is a 20-day service and adventure trip.

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The Himalayan mountain region you will hike in is considered by ethnologists to be 500 years behind South Asia. You will live in community with these villages, teaching English, working alongside them and hiking with them to high altitude meadows.  Guided and mentored by experienced leaders, you will experience God in a deeper way while learning what it means to love those less fortunate than you. Get ready for personal transformation and the opportunity to leave a life long impact in this remote and spectacular part of the Himalaya.

Trek to 15,000 feet through the foothills of the Himalayan mountains.

Experience high-altitude villages tucked into terraced mountainsides.

Live among a people who are shepherds by tradition, making their own clothes from wool, growing their own food, building their own wood and stone homes, and following their own gods.

Become part of the community of the villages.

Learn how to love a culture entirely different from your own.

Understand your own identity, community, and relationship with God in deeper and fuller ways.

Experience India. Experience Life.

The trip to India was the most influential experience of my life.

"I now know the names of kids who don't have clean water. I know what having nothing looks like. I know what blessings come from complete faith and trust in God. I know what grace looks like coming from someone you hardly know. I've seen unconditional and selfless love. I've seen love given without expecting any in return. I learned about myself, and I learned about God. Part of my heart will always be in India with those villagers." —Experience India 2014 participant

Destination: India
Activities: backpacking*, teaching, cultural immersion, village homestays, experiential travel
Cost: ~$5,200**
Dates: May 10-30, 2019 

*India is an intensive physical trip. You will need to be fit enough to hike with a backpack 3-9 miles a day with elevation gain or loss of 1,000 to 3,000 feet a day.

 **Exact cost is dependent on airfare prices.


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