Why We Give: Renee and Daren D’Ippolito

We give because of the impact the CCO had on my life as a college student and on our relationship as a couple. My CCO campus minister Roger challenged me to own my faith more completely and to stand up as a leader. He lovingly helped me to deal with my struggles and weaknesses, and his encouragement helped me grow stronger in my faith.

In Exodus 20:6, Moses says that God shows love to a thousand generations of those who love Him and keep His commands. Multi-generational faith-passing is an amazing gift from God, and it is something we actively pray for within our family and community. We know that the college years are both tumultuous and critical for faith development or faith abandonment. There are many university students who have never heard the freeing message of God’s saving grace, and a CCO campus minister may very well be the first person to share the Gospel message with them. We are humbled and grateful to be able to participate in this ministry through ongoing financial support.

The CCO helps students think critically about their faith and how to genuinely integrate it into their studies and future work paths. As my own experience attests, the CCO fundamentally operates through intentional relationship-building, which we believe is essential for having a true, lasting impact on students’ lives. By supporting the CCO mission, you will be able to take part in a ministry that molds and shapes the next generation of believers. 

—Daren D’Ippolito first connected to the CCO’s ministry as a freshman at Juniata College. His assistant soccer coach, Roger Johnson, was a CCO staff member who became Daren’s mentor and remains a close friend. Today, Daren and his wife, Renee, are raising their four children in Wexford, Pennsylvania. Daren is the President of Provident Agency, Inc.