Why We Give: Andi and Dave Schrader

We were profoundly shaped by the CCO while we were on staff during our 20s.  Our decision-making ability 30 years later, as well as our relationships, are largely based on how the Lord led and molded us during that time.  

The most special thing about being a part of the CCO then and now has been relationships. We invested in students and CCO co-workers 30 years ago and many are still our best friends! What an incredible gift God granted to us when we were caring for and discipling those students so long ago.

Our story testifies to the power of the CCO, not only in the lives of the students who are touched by the Gospel day in and day out, but in the lives of the staff. Take the influence of the CCO and look out 30 years to see the creation of schools, businesses, churches, and more. That’s an incredible return on investment! If you feel the nudge to begin financially supporting this ministry, go for it! The world will continue to be a healthier place as students and CCO staff fulfill their callings.

—Dave and Andi Schrader have been involved with the CCO since 1981. Dave was influenced by the CCO early on in his undergraduate studies at Penn State University. He currently works as a partner with the Full Circle Group helping others to grow in their leadership capabilities. Andi was instrumental, along with several other CCO friends and staff alumni, in helping to start Cornerstone Community School in Kent, Ohio, now heading into its 20th year. The curriculum of this independent school is based on the “everything matters” theology of the CCO and the Jubilee conference. They are the parents of two grown children, Ellie and Seth.