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Donuts + Discussion + the Incarnation

They were starting from scratch, so they started with donuts. Dozens of donuts. And one existential question. In the fall of 2021, Katie Staronka and Dan Garrison Edwards...

Building by Building + Prayer by Prayer

One week before she led a prayer walk at Washington & Jefferson College, CCO campus staff member Celeste Carl took a prayer walk of her own. As she circled the campus, ...

The Fruit of Partnership: CCO & First Presbyterian Church of Orlando

When the University of Central Florida began construction in 2017 to open a downtown Orlando campus, the leaders of First Presbyterian Church were energized by the opp...

That time a father and son joined CCO staff together

A year after Drew Elling graduated from Westminster College—nearly three decades ago—he signed a three-year contract with the CCO to minister to students at his...

Never Too Late to Lead: How Mentorship Shapes Ministry

After introducing the five college students who would live in the church’s discipleship house for the year, CCO staff member Dan Terracciano asked the members of Linc...

Whatever it takes: How hot dogs help bring Christ to campus

The first week, they remembered the hot dogs but forgot to bring chairs.  So after the middle-aged church members, together with CCO staff member Geraud Brumfield, se...

Building hope in Memphis, Tennessee

When Jordan walked into Hope Church for a young adult event, her first thought was, “I don’t belong here.” So she kept a wide smile plastered to her face...

The answer to a 20-year prayer

On Mondays during lunch, CCO staff member Spencer Golomb attends a Bible study where he can’t understand a single word.  Spencer works with students at Penn Sta...

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