There is beauty after so much ugly

“There is beauty after so much ugly.”

The break-neck pace of the news cycle means that many of us have almost forgotten about the devastating hurricanes that hit Houston, Texas and other communities last fall.

However, students from eight CCO campuses—in Ohio, Pennsylvania, Maryland, Tennessee, and North Carolina—chose to spend their spring break reaching out to Houston residents who are still in the midst of rebuilding their lives since the storm.

Partnering with Missio Dei Church through theirResurrect Houston program, students pitched in to do demolition work, install doors, clean and sod yards, and even build a wheelchair ramp. 

“But more importantly,” says CCO staff member Isaac Vineyard, “we heard people’s stories, encouraged their hearts, and prayed with them.”

At the end of the week, one Texas homeowner posted this to her Facebook page:

“A group of church college young adults were going through the neighborhood asking if people needed a lending hand. Come to find out they chose to spend their spring break on a mission trip to Houston helping with our goal to continue cleaning up post Harvey…so God sent these amazing young adult angels to help me make the front eye sore become beautiful once again. There is beauty after so much ugly. Thank you Jesus for all your blessings. Amen.”