Living out God’s story for gas drilling

As a field engineer in Cheyenne, Wyoming, I am learning how to manage and oversee the well stimulation segment of gas drilling. I am not going into my first job out of college with an abstract idea of serving God—because of my involvement with CCO campus ministry, I now have a concrete idea of how to glorify God through my work

I no longer view my job and work as a necessary evil, as something that I just have to do to make money in order to function in society and on my own. Now I see work as a characteristic of God. We worship a working God. Not only did He work to create the world and all of creation, but He’s currently working to renew each of our hearts and minds. I look forward to discovering more of God through my job.

I am excited about this strenuous job, not because of the pay or other job opportunities it could open up to me, but because of the joy I find in discovering sources of energy in creation. I find myself unlocking creation, and doing so responsibly. I want to work to not just be efficient, but responsible. I want to show my team that I care about them as people, not just fellow workers struggling to make money through the same long hours as me. I want to show them respect and gratitude for their work and for who they are. 

The CCO has given me a better sense of how to practically live out my faith in my work and post-college life. I have a more solid connection between Sunday and the rest of the week, between my faith and how I live that out in my everyday life. 

I want to live out God’s story for the gas drilling industry.

Jeffrey Schallick graduated from University of Pittsburgh in 2016 with a degree in chemical engineering. He is now working as a field engineer for Schlumberger in Cheyenne, Wyoming.