College changed everything

Every aspect of my life has changed since coming to college. The way I study, the way I interact with people on campus, the way I listen to music and watch movies and experience life. Everything changed.

One of the first people I met on campus at Bloomsburg was CCO staff member Brenden Scalley. Brenden and I meet up pretty regularly, to talk about life and ministry, and he's given me books to read, sermons to listen to, and so much more. Whenever you ask him a question, he asks a question back to you. They're always such simple questions, but they get you thinking, and that's what he wants.

I came into college as an arrogant know-it-all freshman, and God humbled me quickly through several concussions between my freshman and sophomore years. Brenden used that opportunity to show me that God had more for me than pursuing grades, relationships, or success. He wanted me to participate in the Gospel advancing at Bloomsburg University.

Since then and now, God has given me a heart that bleeds for my fellow students who do not know God's love. I want nothing more than to be able to share it with them. I have been involved in various Bible studies, a spring break trip to the Philly Project, and I had the immense privilege of being part of the Ocean City Beach Project in 2014.

I learned a whole lot at the Beach Project about manhood, especially my role as a man in the church. I've learned that being a man of God is so countercultural that it opens some really awesome discussions.

I was also challenged to pursue the things I'm skilled at, which include business and people skills. I chose to major in accounting because I aspire one day to a leadership position in a business, and having a good background seemed like a good way to be able to do that. I also hope to be able to have the means to give freely and generously to many different ministries and to many people 
in need.

I'm excited about life after college, because I can work hard for God's glory and promote integrity, excellence, and loving others in the business setting.

I hope to serve Jesus Christ through my work once I graduate by instilling into the business world an example of integrity, discernment, and diligence. My work is an offering of worship to my Creator.

I'm excited to be able to reach the business world with the Gospel.

—Scott Boehret, CCO Student Leader, Bloomsburg University of Pennsylvania, Accounting