Chad Mallory: The Philanthropic Entrepreneur

Here is a message never seen on a church signboard:

Follow Jesus! Serve Him in the Consumer Packaged Goods Industry!

And yet, this is exactly what Malone University senior Chad Mallory is called to do. 

His story begins with clipped coupons and a dedicated—but struggling—single mother. When Chad was 13 years old, he saw a TV show about “extreme couponing” and thought this might be a way to help his mom make ends meet. 

It was. Chad and his mom became experts on navigating grocery store sales and coupons. They shared these bargains with other families through their church, let friends “shop” their pantry for free, and filled care packages for mission trips.

In high school, Chad added an international coffee business to his entrepreneur ventures. After translating for a  missionary from El Salvador, he wanted to provide long-term aid to Salvadoran children who suffer from HIV/AIDS and cancer. So Chad and his missionary partner designed, marketed, and sold bags of coffee, using the profits to buy food and medicine.

Chad was just seventeen.

At Malone University, Chad takes advantage of opportunities provided by the Office of Spiritual Formation, including the CCO’s Jubilee conference. College has been a busy and stressful season for Chad, but through his involvement in campus ministry, he is reminded that his accomplishments—or failures—don’t define him. 

“I have had many dark season, but my central identity is as a son of a loving heavenly Father,” Chad says. “When I go to Jubilee, giving the weekend completely over to the Lord, I am reminded to slow down. I am loved no matter how many times I fail.”

This is an important lesson for a philanthropic entrepreneur like Chad, especially as he prepares to graduate. Recently, he won two competitive awards from the international nonprofit Enactus. These awards identify him as a student who “demonstrates leadership and exhibits the potential to make significant contributions to the Consumer Packaged Goods industry.”

Chad puts it more simply: “I hope to serve Jesus Christ through my servant leadership. Constantly seeking Him translates to serving others, and overall, one thing remains true: He has never failed me and I know for certain He never will.”