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This Was the Question I Was Asking Myself

When I tell people that I want to go into politics, they look at me like I’m a tax collector in the New Testament.  And I completely get it.  In our highl...

The Now-But-Not-Yet Vision of Febutufebe

by Gene Tibbs, CCO Campus Ministry Staff, Pittsburgh, PA On the day of Dr. King’s death, I was five years old. But I remember it well. I remember all the adults com...

Jeremy said yes to light and life in Jesus

At the beginning of the semester, Jeremy wasn't following Jesus. In fact, if there was a god he worshiped, it was probably basketball.So when he learned that a knee injury...

Faith by Food Truck

Will Matthews never expected to go to Kent State University. It was a thousand miles away from his family, church, and friends. And it felt like a million miles away from ...

Build the Church

I work with my hands. Always have. Growing up in a small family business, there was always work to be done. And I love it. When you build something that people use everyda...

This changes libraries

A month or so after graduating from the University of Pittsburgh and moving back to my hometown, restless and jobless, I was on my way home from a beach trip with a friend....

The Gospel of John Challenge

Isaac didn’t plan to spend two hours riding backward in the charter bus, perched on his knees and leaning over the headrest. But as he spoke with Simon,* the student...

Phillip Williams: On faith and college life

Phillip Williams came to college determined to grow in his relationship with Christ. By the end of his freshman year, he wondered if this was possible. Faith in Jesus runs...

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