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Jeff Schallick: Not What I Expected

Jeff Schallick sits in a small trailer on the windswept plains of Wyoming, tracking chemicals and sand. Life after college hasn’t been quite what he expected. The...

Chad Mallory: The Philanthropic Entrepreneur

Here is a message never seen on a church signboard: Follow Jesus! Serve Him in the Consumer Packaged Goods Industry! And yet, this is exactly what Malone University senio...

Taylor Eriksen: Dancing for God's glory

What happens when you are going through the motions and Jesus breaks in? For one dance student at Point Park University, this transformation changed every plié, ara...

Christian Campbell: Bringing healing to others in the name of the Lord

Sometimes we discover our vocation through our suffering. Then, like Joseph in the book of Genesis, we can declare, “You intended to harm me, but God intended it for ...

Learning to worship God through skyscrapers

In college, Enya Barquia is learning to worship God through skyscrapers. This came as a surprise. Enya’s family is deeply involved in worship ministry through musi...

What the Ocean City Beach Project taught Josh Rupeka

When Josh Rupeka transferred to Indiana University of Pennsylvania, his assigned roommate came as a complete surprise. And not a good surprise. “He was everything I d...

There is beauty after so much ugly

“There is beauty after so much ugly.” The break-neck pace of the news cycle means that many of us have almost forgotten about the devastating hurricanes that h...

Zac Yonko: Glorifying God through his English major

CCO student leader Zac Yonko has read more than 60 books over the past two years. Such is the life of an English major at Waynesburg University, and in Zac’s cas...

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