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The power of the Gospel: Stephen's story

Donate Today Stephen came to Bible study that Sunday morning because it was one of three places the terms of his probation allowed him to be.  Without making eye con...

Building hope in Memphis, Tennessee

When Jordan walked into Hope Church for a young adult event, her first thought was, “I don’t belong here.” So she kept a wide smile plastered to her face...

Kayla Smith: Standing Up

Growing up, I remember my parents always telling me that God can use your stuttering but he cannot use your silence. That phrase held especially true for me when I began c...

The first truly post-Christian generation

Who is Generation Z? They were small children when the United States was attacked by terrorists on September 11, 2001. When the Great Recession hit in 2008, they were old ...

Zachary Lee: Leaving room for hope

I hope to write gripping pieces about the problems and tribulations facing the world. At the same time, I want to powerfully describe the redemptive and restorative wor...

Kaylynne Longmire: Why she almost gave up on politics

I hope to serve Jesus Christ by breaking down walls in international policy. I want to spread the light of Jesus in some of the darkest corners of our world and put God f...

Jeff Schallick: Not What I Expected

Jeff Schallick sits in a small trailer on the windswept plains of Wyoming, tracking chemicals and sand. Life after college hasn’t been quite what he expected. The...

Chad Mallory: The Philanthropic Entrepreneur

Here is a message never seen on a church signboard: Follow Jesus! Serve Him in the Consumer Packaged Goods Industry! And yet, this is exactly what Malone University senio...

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