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We believe in the power of experience and love exploring new and creative ways to design and deliver the best product for your group! 

 Most of our events are custom designed to best meet your group’s goals and desired outcomes. Some of our offerings include:

Team Building:

from 1 hour to a whole day, we use activities and models built on the foundations of experiential learning to take your group to the next level of functioning and processing together.


Orientation Programs:

whether for an incoming freshman class or a rotation program at your organization, we recognize the importance of orientation programs to lay the foundation for the remainder of a university or work experience. We offer one day and multi-day orientation events with options of traditional outdoor pursuits and other creative activities.


Organizational Consulting:

we use a number of tools to help organizations in the formation of organizational culture and the growth of leadership and performance.

Events and Retreats:

we offer a number of experiential workshops and seminars to meet your organization’s needs. In all instances, the content of these seminars is engaged through creative experience.  This can take the form of a sushi-making workshop to discuss vocation, utilization of the marshmallow challenge to study collaboration, the exploration of situational leadership through a variety of activities, a course on core communication and many others!


Whether it be through our life-size Angry Birds set, the arrangement of an orienteering course group challenge, or any number of traditional adventure activities like rock climbing, hiking, and paddling, we can provide consultation and design to facilitate off-site day or overnight activities for your group.

“We had a positive experience using CCO XD. Our students got to know each other a lot better and felt more equipped to engage in this year of service as a group. They commented about how it opened their eyes to see how they could effectively work together as a team. They felt more confident and committed to the work ahead.”

— Chris Cooke, Executive Director of PULSE (Pittsburgh Urban Leadership Service Experience)

CCO XD has served or partnered with a wide variety of institutions, including:


such as Ohio Wesleyan University, Williamson College of Trades, and Geneva College


Non-profit organizations

such as the Pittsburgh Leadership Foundation, Young Life, the National Adoption Center, and the Pittsburgh Fellows


Commercial enterprises

such as Truefit, the Emerging Leaders Institute, and Penn United Technology


Outdoor organizations

such as Summit Adventure and Black Mountain Expeditions

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