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“With biblical wisdom and a healthy dose of common sense, Dan encourages us to realize that our teenagers need us now more than ever—and with love and guidance, we can send our kids out into the world with a vibrant faith of their own.” 
—Jim Daly, President of Focus on the Family


“Your relationship with your child will grow far beyond your wildest dreams as you explore this glorious book.” 
—Dan B. Allender, author of How Children Raise Parents and Healing the Wounded Heart


Written by CCO Chairman, Dan Dupee

When it comes to faith, your older children still need you—even if they think they don't.

You’ve probably heard that once kids are in high school and college, your time of influencing them is over. You’ve been replaced by their peers, their professors, and the media. This pervasive cultural myth is not supported by research, biblical teaching, or even anecdotal accounts. Yet many of us still believe that we can no longer do anything to shape our kids’ spiritual and life decisions. 

Drawing on sociological research and Scripture, Dan Dupee shows parents that it is not too lateand in fact these turbulent years of transitioning into adulthood may be when your kids need your guidance the most. He shows you how to make the most out of the opportunities you have to offer guidance, wisdom, and spiritual support, with the goal of seeing your children not just survive college with faith intact but enter adulthood with a faith of their ownone that will carry them through all that life brings their way.

Find out the eight principles, or truths, that Dan discovered in writing It’s Not Too Late, and read about the seven myths that might be sabotaging your parenting.

CCO Chairman, Dan Dupee, and his wife, Carol, are the parents of two sets of twins. Their sons have graduated from college, and their daughters are current college students. It’s Not Too Late is published by Baker Books.