Performance Night

By Daniel Snoke

Ministry Exercises & Tools

Performance night is an event that is similar to an open mic night but is organized in a way that helps students think more deeply about the arts and connect their talents with their Christian faith. By thoughtfully curating a performance topic and connecting that with a hands-on experience of the arts, students easily engage with the topic of faith and art while still drawing an audience.

At its core, the arts are forms of communication that shape how we experience and understand the world we live in. T.S. Eliot says, “It is just the literature that we read for ‘amusement,’ or ‘purely for pleasure,’ that may have the greatest and least suspected influence upon us.” In our society, we constantly consume the arts, from music to billboards, but we almost never slow down to consider this spiritual food we eat.

Something that has such an influential and subconscious presence in our lives deserves our attention as Christians. Whether we are professional artists or inquisitive amateurs, we are all called to engage in our expressions so as to prepare the way of the Lord. As Isaiah says, let us reveal the glory of the Lord through our word, dance, song, and image (Isaiah 40:3-5).

Performance Night Exercise

by Daniel Snoke
Performance Night