Life Mapping Exercise

By Michael S. Chen

Ministry Exercises & Tools

adapted from J. Robert Clinton, Steve Miller, Myles Lorenzen, and Nathan Shattuck

Story has long been the primary conveyor of history, and has given meaning and shaped the values of every culture in the world. Whether we are aware of it or not, this has been very true in each of our lives—thus the value of laying it out and looking for the patterns and themes that have formed us.

This exercise is meant to be shared in communities that are seeking to provide an intimate and safe place to behold how God is working, both in our suffering and in our great joy. The very act of sharing these stories in community can be healing, life-giving, and redemptive, bringing to light what was once darkness. Life mapping can be adapted to fit many contexts, but issues of confidence and privacy should be discussed and acknowledged by those leading it.

Life Mapping Exercise

by Michael S. Chen
Discover the pattern of God's work in your life and build community as you share your story in trusted community.

Life Mapping Exercise