Eight Principles from It’s Not Too Late*

1. Kids who make successful transitions [to adulthood] don’t have perfect parents who know everything.

2. Kids who successfully transition to college [to adulthood] have parents who acknowledge their limits of control but still find ways to maintain their influence.

3. The home is still the greatest place of opportunity for shaping the faith of a young person and preparing him or her for a life beyond the home.

4. Kids who successfully transition [to adulthood] have a bunch of loving grownups in their corner.

5. Kids who successfully transition [to adulthood] learn to “keep good company” in high school and maintain the practice in college.

6. Faith can still thrive in an unfriendly place like college.

7. In youth as well as adulthood, difficulties and trials can lead to positive spiritual growth.

8. Kids who make bad choices need our love and support more than ever.


Read more on p. 21 of It’s Not Too Late: The Essential Part You Play in Shaping Your Teen’s Faith by Dan Dupee.