I saw authenticity.

As a senior in college, I lacked confidence in my ministry skills, yet at the same time, I wrestled with a deep love and calling toward the mission of the CCO. 

The more I learned about the CCO, the more I saw authenticity and transparency—these are redeemed sinners seeking to invite college students to know Jesus and participate in the restoration of His Kingdom. 

Yet I still wasn’t sure until I attended a CCO Winter Staff Seminar with my campus minister. After spending the weekend with current CCO staff, I had the opportunity to hear their stories—their successes, failures, fears, mountain-top experiences, and their day-to-day experiences. Those stories sounded like my own, and I believed that God could use the Fellows year to empower and equip me for serving in the future. I drove home that night and filled out my application.

The Fellows year helped me become a lifelong learner in campus ministry. The structure of the program freed me to truly question, engage, and explore how best to meet college students with the truth of the Gospel.

If you love college students and want to see Jesus change lives, you are needed here.

Devon Bradford
CCO Fellow 2016


One year could change your life