Honestly, I took a risk.

Honestly, I took a risk. There were plenty of other things I wanted to do—opportunities within my field of study. But I couldn’t reconcile them with the fact that I clearly had the gifts and a draw towards vocational ministry, and people whom I trusted continued to point them out. 

In the end, I took very seriously the voices of the community around me in my decision to apply for the CCO Fellows Program. It’s a relatively countercultural thing to do, but God places us in communities for reasons such as this.

The university as an institution is such a brilliant space to exchange a diversity of thought, beliefs, visions for the future—seeing what happens when that institution collides with a Christian worldview of good, of hope, of restoration. I became absolutely convinced that the college campus is a strategic and timely space for faith development.

When else can you dedicate a year of your life to your own spiritual formation as you discern your calling in a community that is working to speak dignity and glory into every potential career? Whether it’s a call to full-time ministry or a career path within your field of study, the CCO affirms that. The Fellows Program can be the community that helps you discern that path well.

—Cole Riley
CCO Fellow 2013



One year could change your life