Frequently Asked Questions


Why work with the CCO?

There are many reasons, but perhaps one of the most important is that the CCO calls college students to serve Jesus Christ with their entire lives. We believe this ministry is vital and we believe God might be calling you to it. Our model of partnership, contextual ministry, and training flows out of our commitment and desire to see Jesus Christ transform college students to transform the world. 

Can I come for a visit?

Absolutely! We would love for you to join us at either our Fall or Winter Staff Seminar (which take place in October and January, respectively) when our staff gather for training and fellowship. You can join us to gain an insider’s perspective on the CCO, take part in the training we offer, and talk with our staff. We cover all of your food and lodging costs. Please contact us if you are interested in joining us for one of these events. 

What is it like to work on a college campus?

One of the strengths of the CCO’s model is that campus staff members have a lot of freedom to contextualize their ministry to the school where they serve. You will find campus work to be very entrepreneurial in that respect.

You will have a supervisor who will be your primary resource as you define your ministry. In general, you can count on meeting lots of students, probably drinking coffee, eating pizza, and having serious conversations about the purposes of God in our world. Sound intriguing?


What kinds of positions do you have?

The CCO has a wide variety of positions: full-time, CCO Fellowship, and volunteer (which we call “CCO Associate”). One of our primary tenets of ministry is that a campus ministry should work hand-in-hand with the local church, so we partner with churches and community organizations to invite students into local congregations. More about campus positions >>


I don’t have a Bible degree. Can I still get a job on campus?

Yes. We do not require any formal biblical training to work for the CCO. Of course, we do expect that all staff members have a solid theological base and a desire to continually grow in knowledge of God’s Word. If you are curious about what we stand for, take a look at our Statement of Faith. 

What denominations do you work with?

We are an interdenominational ministry working with many different kinds of churches, and we are always open to working with more.


What salary can I expect when working for the CCO? Can I make a living?

Yes. We offer a competitive salary and a salary range based on level of education, ministry experience, and financial need. We also provide full medical benefits, vision, dental, and a life insurance policy. Learn more about your salary.

Do you provide training to raise support?

Yes! We have a team of staff members whose exclusive responsibility is to train staff and assist them in raising support. In addition, you will be able to draw on the experiential wisdom of your colleagues, as nearly everyone in the CCO raises money towards their salary. 

What if I have college loans?

Our salaries are comparable to what you would receive in the nonprofit job market. Many of our staff members have college loans, which they are able to pay off as long as they are diligent in raising their full support. 

What are the requirements to apply? How do I apply?

A college degree is required. Exceptions may be made in certain cases where there is significant life and ministry experience.

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