About Campus Positions

Regardless of the context through which you minister to college students, you will be expected to share with students the Good News of Jesus Christ and also to meet with students one-on-one, to lead Bible studies, small groups, large-group fellowship meetings, and service and mission trips.

Church Positions

Our goal is to help congregations located near college and university campuses reach out to students with the Gospel of Jesus Christ. As you connect students to a local congregation and help them experience what it means to be a part of a church body, you will also have key opportunities to guide, energize, and equip congregation members to reach out to the college students in their own community.

Community Board Positions

A number of our ministries are funded by a board made up of churches and individuals who are passionate about bringing CCO ministry to a campus in their town. Community boards not only provide a financial base for a staff person, they also provide local support and encouragement.

Community Organization Positions

Local nonprofit organizations—from Big Brothers Big Sisters to pregnancy care centers—hire our staff members to be a bridge between them and the college students in their communities. Students grow by the challenge of serving others as they volunteer and the opportunity to be mentored by CCO staff at the same time.

College Positions

In some cases, our staff members work directly for colleges in a variety of capacities—as chaplain’s assistants or service learning coordinators, assistant coaches or outdoor leadership program directors. This happens mostly at small private colleges and in entry-level student development positions. These strategic positions provide opportunities to build trusting relationships with students and to model how to pursue a vocation with integrity.

Experiential Education Positions with the CCO XD Team

The CCO boasts an award-winning, highly innovative team of staff members who specialize in providing experiential learning opportunities as well as other out-of-the-box experiences for college students. Some CCO XD (or Experiential Designs) staff members work with one specific campus, while others serve as a resource to all of our campus staff. XD is about getting students to step out of their regular routines to experience God in new ways. This can happen in the context of a weekend retreat for a fellowship group or an excursion into the wilderness over spring breakhiking, camping, caving, rappelling, rock-climbing, and so on. 

If this sounds like something God might be calling you to, we invite you to