Your Salary

We will work with you to develop a salary that matches your education level, experience, and family requirements.

You will receive a salary plus full benefits. The CCO partners with churches, colleges, and other organizations, which means you will only be expected to raise a portion of your total support rather than the full amount. 

Support raising is one of the most unique ways we see God at work. You receive love and commitment from your supporters in a very concrete way. Your supporters have a sense of being closely connected to campus ministry, of seeing how their money is being invested, and of recognizing that they are having a direct impact on students’ lives.

The CCO will give you in-depth support-raising training when you join staff. This training will equip you with effective ways to communicate the ministry to your financial partners, and we will coach and guide you in developing your support team.


How funds contributed to your Ministry Account are used

You receive 100% of the donations made to your Ministry Account, and they are used exclusively for your work: this includes your salary, staff support services, and your own ministry expenses.

Contributions are fully tax-deductible. The CCO has been awarded four stars, the highest possible rating, from Charity NavigatorThe CCO is also a Charter Member of the Evangelical Council for Financial Accountability.