University of Pennsylvania

Philadelphia, PA

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About Us

CCO at Penn is an initiative that works in partnership with local churches to provide an expanding network of spiritual mentorship for students at the University of Pennsylvania. We are passionate about how the Gospel vision transforms all of life, and the CCO staff is here to come alongside you in following Jesus, no matter where you are at in the journey.

We are here to hear your questions, talk about whatever’s on your mind, and just listen to how life is going. CCO at Penn is committed to showing hospitality to students and gathering together regularly for good community, good conversation, and good food. We also worship together regularly each Sunday at one of our local, partnering churches.

The Gathering

Weekly Hospitality Dinner

Tuesdays, 6-7:30pm


Being Christian: Practicing Christian Faith in Contemporary Life

Bible Study

Saturdays at noon in Houston Hall 301


Freshman Bible Study: The Gospel of Mark

Contact Natalie Harvey at for more information.


LEAD Conference

Friday, September 13 at 5pm