CCO staff introduce college students to the Gospel message and equip them to be leaders on their campuses.

We design each ministry to fit the needs of every campus we serve
Here are some of the unique ways we minister to students:

Athlete Ministry

We have campus staff who focus their outreach to student athletes, helping them to balance the challenges of academics, athletics, faith development, and a healthy social life. 

Bible Study

Our staff study the Scriptures with students and show them how to lead Bible studies with others.

Church Involvement

We take students to church and invite them to get involved in local congregations.

Cross-Cultural Ministry

We have campus staff who focus on reaching out to international students, and all of our staff minister to students across racial and ethnic boundaries.

Engage Culture from a Christian Perspective

We teach students how to take their Christian faith and live it out in the way they study, listen to music, watch television, engage with social media, and interact with their friends and family.


We are committed to introducing students to the Gospel of Jesus Christ and to equipping students to share their faith with others.

Experiential Ministry

Our Experiential Designs (XD) Team encourages students to participate in creative opportunities for transformation, including adventure, service, and travel experiences and summer leadership projects, where they deepen their faith and hone leadership skills.


Our annual Jubilee conference encourages students to dream about how their gifts might be used and developed to serve God and others.

Leadership Development

Our staff equip students to be leaders on campus, in clubs and athletics as well as in Bible studies and fellowship groups.

Mission Trips, Service Projects, And Summer Opportunities

Our staff invite students to serve others, both locally and internationally, and to deepen their faith and leadership abilities through spring break trips and in-depth summer opportunities. Our experience has shown that when students are given opportunities to lead and to invest in others while in college, they are better equipped to translate their learning into their various roles after they graduate.