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Vince Burens

President & CEO, CCO

God used the CCO’s ministry to change my life.   

When I started as a student at the University of Pittsburgh, I had been a Christian for about a year. Even so, I was immediately seduced by the college lifestyle. I played soccer, I joined a fraternity, and I started to drift back to what my life used to be about—living for myself. 

But CCO staff members were always there, calling to see why I wasn’t at Bible study. I knew that I needed that accountability and connection. Eventually, I fully committed to my involvement in CCO ministry activities. I also met my future wife, Lori, through the fellowship group at Pitt. The CCO ministry at Pitt was my moral and faith compass throughout my college years. 

I first joined CCO staff to do on-campus ministry, and after several years working in recruiting, training, and our annual Jubilee conference, I became Executive Vice President and Chief Operating Officer. In January 2016, I became the third President of the CCO.

As President, my top priority is to make sure we continue to help college students catch a vision for what I think of as The Good Life—good in a Kingdom-of-God way. As CCO staff members invest in their lives and challenge them to grow in their faith, students catch a vision for what it means to truly live for Him. They become outwardly focused, toward the lost, the lonely, and the least of these. They explore what it means to serve Jesus with their entire lives.

Imagine a generation of college students being transformed to live the truly good life. This is what I want to lead the CCO to pursue, every day.

Vince has worked for the CCO since 1999. Vince, Lori, and their two daughters live in Ben Avon, northwest of Pittsburgh, and they are active members of St. Stephen’s Church in Sewickley.

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