Tanya Hershberger

Campus Ministry Staff

Tanya Hershberger works with students at Malone University in two main contexts. One is leading campus ministry projects such as Bible studies, Jubilee committee, and assisting our Office of Spiritual Formation. The other context is leading outdoor activities, such as backpacking and canoeing trips.

"I work for the CCO because I really do love college students," says Tanya. "They are at a place in life to make significant decisions on who they are, what they want to do, and hear what Jesus is calling them towards. It’s also fun! My two adult sons sometimes make fun of my work because it looks an awful lot like making brownies and coffee and having a Bible study or meeting, or arranging a day of group-building games or leading students on a backpacking trip. So I told them that I’m really fortunate that I get to do things I love. And amazingly it does make a difference in students' lives as they see glimpses of God’s Kingdom through hospitality, Bible study, creation, and conversation."

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