Sean McFeely

CCO Associate

CCO Associate Sean McFeely reaches out to students at East Stroudsburg University and Sussex County Community College.

Sean graduated from Grove City College in 1991 with a degree in mechanical engineering, and from Biola University in 2010 with an MA in organizational leadership. By working with the CCO, he is seeking to build on 18 years of nonprofit Christian service spent training and equipping young adults for summer camp and urban ministry.

“As someone who has spent years investing in and equipping young adults for summer camp and urban ministry, I would like to spend time year round investing in and developing the incredible leadership and kingdom potential on our college campuses,” says Sean. “Too often when a student begins the most critical years of decision making and development in their life, they lose their church connection. I want to be one of the guys who keeps that bridge open, invites others on the journey, and takes students deeper in their faith in preparation for a life of faithful service in their profession , church, relationships, and community.”


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