Rachel Hunka

CCO Associate

Rachel Hunka first affiliated as a CCO Associate in 2013. She reaches out to students at Malone University in her hometown of Canton, Ohio, through her role as Cheerleading Coach.

Also in Canton, Rachel is the General Manager of the ONE Center for Leadership and pastors with her husband, Corey, at 3rd Street Community Church. They love to host students in their home for Family Dinner gatherings where they share in home-cooked meals and teachable moments.

“My most dramatic stages of personal development—both positively and negatively—occurred in my late teens and early twenties,” says Rachel. “In my experience, the years between 18 and 25 are when young adults are trying to discover who they are meant to be in the world. The time to develop tomorrow’s leaders is today, and with the CCO I am able to use my personal experiences to help young adults become the people God made them to be.”

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