Miles Adams

CCO Associate

Miles Adams is a CCO Associate, reaching out to students in Staten Island, New York.

"Students are learning how to live out their faith in every area of their lives, allowing the fundamentals of Christianity (prayer, Bible study, worship) to dictate their decision-making process," says Miles. "I encourage students not to waste their college years, but to use each year for the glory of God. I communicate to them not to settle for a mediocre Christian life, but to give up everything and follow Christ.

"The CCO has really helped me communicate to students the importance of living a godly life in every category. Students went from having a different identity in every social group on campus, to consistently living out their faith no matter where or what the social context is. So many campus ministries have attempted to reach students in the New York area but have failed because of their inability to meet the needs of the whole person. When I introduced this idea of glorifying Christ, in school, career, family, and personal life, it ignited a passion in students that is spreading."


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