Elliott Simko

Interim Ministry Projects Coordinator

Elliott Simko serves the CCO as Interim Ministry Projects Coordinator. 

Elliott first encountered CCO in the middle of his final semester at Eastern University, after being invited to the annual Jubilee conference in Pittsburgh by his old youth pastor. “Never before had I witnessed a campus ministry organization that understood the challenges, struggles, and aspirations of college students so well, and ministered to them so effectively,” says Elliott. “I knew I had to be a part of it!”

Elliott joined CCO staff to serve college students in a myriad of ways on the mainline of Philadelphia. In addition to reaching students at his alma mater, Eastern University, Elliott’s outreach extended to Haverford College, Valley Forge Military College, Villanova University, and several others. He then spent several years serving as a Partnership Coordinator, maintaining and developing CCO positions with churches, colleges, and other organizations through which our staff people reach out to college students.

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