Brendon Hall

Campus Ministry Staff

Brendon Hall joined CCO staff in 2014 to minister to students at Allegheny College. Brendon graduated from Grove City College, where he majored in psychology and biblical and religious studies. 

“College is arguably the best mission field— students come together from all parts of the world, with different interests, career paths, and areas of impact, to disperse back into the world with all that they learned,” says Brendon. “This is why I am overjoyed to work with the CCO to develop student leaders who are equipped with the truths of the Gospel and an understanding of their God-given purpose. The CCO is committed to providing life-transforming resources for college students and a purposeful vision of their role in God's Kingdom—to serve Jesus Christ with every area of their life. There’s nothing better than seeing a student transformed by the hope, grace, and love of Jesus Christ.”


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