Billy Riley

Campus Ministry Staff

Billy Riley ministers to students at Cornell University in partnership with Chesterton House.

Billy’s involvement in the CCO’s ministry at Washington & Jefferson College led him to join staff himself.

“Being a part of a CCO ministry at W&J changed my life,” Billy says. “I gained an understanding of the importance of Christian influence in higher education. It is a truly a critical period and a transformative time.

“Through the community I was a part of and the leadership of a CCO staff member, I deepened my relationship with Christ and my understanding that God cares about every area of our lives and about every area of our culture. The CCO provides me with the opportunity to reach out to students and see them grow like I did. I want to work for the CCO to see students fulfill their potential by rooting their identity in Christ and by seeing the world around them as God does, as waiting to be unlocked and used to glorify Him.”


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