Adrienne Willhoft

XD Resource Specialist & Campus Ministry Staff

Adrienne Willhoft ministers to students at Juniata College and also serves the CCO as an Experiential Designs (XD) Resource Specialist.

“I believe the need for authentic relationship and discipleship within the college years is large and essential, and love the mission of the CCO to work to fulfill that need by helping students learn to transform the world in the exact arenas into which the Lord leads and calls them,” Adrienne says.

“Specifically, working with XD within the CCO brings together two of my greatest passions: discipleship and outdoor ministry. I love using aspects of nature, challenge, initiatives, and specific outdoor activities as tools for teaching and growth from the Lord in the lives of students.

“For certain students, things can be learned and accomplished on a mountaintop or rockface that never could be in the routine structures of their every day. I love facilitating these times of growth and being a part of enabling other CCO staff to connect with students in this uniquely powerful way.”

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