Williamson College of the Trades

Partners Media, Pennsylvania

Williamson College of the Trades partners with the CCO to develop students as leaders.

Williamson College of the Trades partners with the CCO to bring on two staff who serve as Assistant to the Chaplain and Director of Student Engagement and Leadership. Both men also live on campus with their families, which gives them opportunities to interact with students in a variety of contexts.  

According to Guy Gardner, retired president of Williamson, CCO staff members “do a great job helping our students not only become better team members and leaders, but to incorporate our mission and values into their lives.”


Four years ago, I noticed that our campus lacked a directed, unified method of instilling leadership principles in our students. We educate our students to be the best in their industry. Consequently, they will obtain leadership roles after they graduate that will require them to deal effectively with people. Without any educational programming that concentrates on problem-solving, group dynamics, interpersonal skills, managing authority effectively, and so one, we are not equipping our students as best we can to succeed. That’s the purpose of this program and that’s the reason that the CCO is so critical to its success.

Thomas J. Moffitt MEd, ATC, Dean of Students & Director of Student Affairs, The Williamson COLLEGE of THE Trades




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