Partners Shippensburg, Pennsylvania

UnComMin partners with the CCO to reach students at Shippensburg University of Pennsylvania.


We partner with the CCO because they have a proven track record of building and sustaining effective campus ministry in our town and on the other campuses they serve. The CCO does a great job of training, supervising, and supporting their campus ministers, which helps them to be effective and productive in their work ministering to students. The CCO also takes a long-term view of the campus and community and works to bring the right people and resources together to build campus ministry for the long run.

We benefit greatly from our partnership with the CCO. They do much of the heavy lifting when it comes to candidate screening, on-going staff supervision, and keeping communication lines open. Experienced staff throughout the organization work hard to ensure the success of each partnership. We feel much more confident about ministering to college students knowing that we have CCO staff and resources available to us.

Chris Jackson, President of UNcOMmIN (University Community Ministries)




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