CCO XD: Creative Opportunities for Transformation 




CCO Experiential Designs (XD) offers leadership in designing experiences, both in the context of outdoor and everyday environments. 

We know, as you do, that all experiences are not created equal. We all have stories that describe how our lives were changed through influential experiences. We believe that the most powerful experiences are the ones where “every square inch” is accounted for in its place in God’s world. 

We ground every experience in a robust understanding of what and who a person is in all of their complexity. In other words, we design experiences which recognize that everything — from the meals you eat to the reflection questions you ask — all contribute to the success of a transformative experience.

In light of the CCO’s commitment to transformational experiences, we invite you to the following: 

Join us by participating in one of our open enrollment student programs

Partner with us to design and lead a custom designed experience for you and your students or organization

Let us plan and lead a trip with location and design chosen for your group’s specific needs and desired outcomes

Further develop your skills in designing and leading transformative experiences

We look forward to serving you!

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CCO XD is operated under special use permit with the Shoshone National Forest.

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