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The Powerful Presence

I consider my life to be a novel with God, in which I get to write another page every day, filled with chapters from every season of life. It’s an honest reflectio...

The Surprise Answer to My Prayer

After being homeschooled for my entire life, I began my studies at Penn State Abington in the spring of 2015, and it wasn’t pretty. Every morning when I woke up, ...

They said it would be life-changing. I didn't believe them.

They said it would be life-changing. I didn't believe them. Now I do. Looking back on the months that have passed since I attended Jubilee, I still wonder at how much ...

The Force of Light

The Thai market is bustling with people at six o’clock this Saturday morning. My co-worker and close friend has invited me and three other interns to her home vi...

The Dignity of the Stranger

Six-year-old Atiya pulled me along through the halls of the former school building, eager to show me her room. She stopped in front of one classroom door, knocked, and...

The Grades that Almost Robbed Me

I’m a perfectionist. I know this. I admit this. And yes, I know—the only perfect One is Jesus. However. I take this quality and try my very best to ap...

Surrounded by God’s Presence

Monongahela: many landslides, high bluffs that break off and fall, place of caving banks. Monongahela River is the river of falling banks. Even the trails themselves lo...

What if God doesn’t want to use you? What if He just wants to be with you?

The best stories about God, I used to think, were made of mountaintop moments.  Maybe they started with a valley or some kind of low, but they ended with a poetic ...

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