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Faith on the runway

CCO student shares the gospel at New York’s Fashion week This September, MollyKate Cline was the Youngest Designer accepted into the prestigious New York Fashion Wee...

How one church reaches the world

The story of Memorial Park Church’s Ministry to international students at La Roche College We know there are close to 100 students from Saudi Arabia at La Roche Coll...

Ben McClay

Here’s the story: A young man is raised in the church by Christian parents with strong values. The time comes for college. He chooses a small, liberal arts university...

Veronika's Jubilee story

For Veronika Vazhnik, faith and science are intertwined, but faith came first.   Born and raised in Belarus, Veronika was baptized as an infant in the Russian Or...

Cay Johnson: A Growing Drive to Serve

When I first met Cay, she was so eager to grow in her faith. She didn’t see her potential as a leader, but she was eager to be a participant. She just wanted to sho...

How a CCO student founded a Silicon Valley start-up

“Showers have been the same for 100 years. We set out to create a better shower experience first, and save as much water as possible. It turns out the age-old belief ...

How Tyler Campbell's passion to serve Jesus led him to Tesla

As Tyler Campbell neared the end of his junior year at Indiana University of Pennsylvania, he began to pursue internship opportunities.  As he started interviewing ...

​Genevieve Parker, welcomed into the church and challenged to lead​

Through the CCO, I have found hope for my work. I know that God cares about my studies. He sees every square inch of my life and redeems it for His purposes. Genevieve Par...

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