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There is beauty after so much ugly

“There is beauty after so much ugly.” The break-neck pace of the news cycle means that many of us have almost forgotten about the devastating hurricanes that h...

Zac Yonko: Glorifying God through his English major

CCO student leader Zac Yonko has read more 60 books over the past two years. Such is the life of an English major at Waynesburg University, and in Zac’s case, su...

The answer to a 20-year prayer

On Mondays during lunch, CCO staff member Spencer Golomb attends a Bible study where he can’t understand a single word.  Spencer works with students at Penn Sta...

Chris Bastardi: Finding a calling in nursing

It’s no wonder that Bloomsburg University student Chris Bastardi wants to be a nurse to “love people who are at an uncertain or frightening point in their lives...

MollyKate Cline: Life Worth Living

How a dying church found new life

We knew we had to do something to revitalize the church. When I came to Indianola Church of Christ five and a half years ago, the leaders of the church were facing many im...

How Christa found her calling in business

When she arrived at Penn College in 2015, Christa Watson knew who she was. She was a pastor’s kid. She was a graduate from a Christian school in Hershey, Pennsylvani...

How one church reaches the world

The story of Memorial Park Church’s Ministry to international students at La Roche College We know there are close to 100 students from Saudi Arabia at La Roche Coll...

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