CCO Staff member wins Chatham's "Spiritual Leadership Award

Awards | April 30, 2015
Katherine Ey wins Chatham's Spiritual Leadership Award 

The Spiritual Leadership Award is given to community religious leaders, faculty, and staff who have made an impact on the spiritual development of the Chatham community. Similar to the Advisor of the Year award, this spiritual leader has gone above and beyond his/her responsibilities for the betterment of the Chatham community, be it through advising a religious organization on campus, participating in Multi-Faith Council, or connecting individually with students.


The recipient of this year’s award has been an active member of the Multi-Faith Council and Chatham community.  This person is described as leading with grace and honesty, and has greatly impacted the lives of many students through hard work, commitment, and a kind & generous spirit, while helping others grow in their faith.  Students always know where to find this spiritual mentor on campus, as this person spends hours upon hours at their second office, Café Rachel, meeting with students both individually and in groups.  I’ve had the pleasure of partnering with this individual in ministry, and I must say she is one of the most giving, selfless people I know… always available, always smiling, and always providing a listening ear and continuous support to students. Congratulations to Katherine Ey, this year’s Spiritual Leadership Award recipient.