CCO ministry at Kent State Stark wins four awards!

Awards News | May 20, 2016

Congratulations to the CCO group at Kent State University's Stark campus for being recognized by the university with the Dean’s Cup for most outstanding student group! This was just one of four awards given to Revive from Kent State Stark’s administration.

CCO staff member Bob Robinson, who works with students at Kent Stark, describes the awards ceremony and the excitement of being recognized:

All 22 student organizations were invited to the annual award banquet held at the Kent State Stark Conference Center, Dr. A. Bathi Kasturiarachi began the awards with the Dean’s Cup, given by his office to the most outstanding student organization. I, and the Revive leaders with me, had no idea who had won, so when he started describing the student organization it wasn’t clear at first.

But when he said that this organization had revamped their group in order to have a new identity and purpose, we started to wonder. We had changed from “Rooted in Faith” to “Revive” in order to make the group more inviting and to indicate our desire to “revive Kent State Stark.” Then he said that this group had participated in every student event on campus, including the Resource Fairs at the beginning of each semester, the “Unchained” fashion show for the benefit of overcoming human trafficking, Boo U, holding a Christmas Party in the student center during Finals Week, helping students with their needs at the Everyone Matters Day event, and shopping for goods to fill the campus Food Pantry.

There was no doubt it was us when he said, “They attended a conference in Pittsburgh so that they could be equipped to transform the world.” Hey! That’s the Jubilee conference!

Revive also was the recipient of the Service Excellence Award for our raising funds and shopping to fill KSU’s Food Pantry and Brielle Black, the president of our organization, won the Student Life Spirit Award for her outstanding leadership in many aspects of campus life! Our new faculty advisor, Janet Reed, won the award for Faculty Advisor of the Year.

It was a lot of rewards for our group, and we hope that it all glorifies God!